NEW ASIA is a food ingredients manufacturing, distributing and technology consultant company established since 1997 in Singapore.

We produce Isolated Soy Protein (NEWPRO® and NEWSOY® series), Soy Protein Concentrate (NEWCON® and NEWSOY® series), Functional food gums (NEWGUM® series), Seasonings and Flavors (NEWFLAVOR series) for supplying to the entire Asia market. We are MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore) certified Halal manufacturer and we can provide ordinary Certificate Of Origin, ATIGA Form D and ASEAN-KOREA Form AKFTA by Singapore Customs.

We organize a team of knowledgeable agents in every territory to provide on time service to you. And we also set up a kitchen and a laboratory workshop in Singapore assisting you to develop new commercial products.

In short, NEW ASIA has much experience and good reputation in doing food ingredients business and service in the Asia territory. We succeed in distributing NEWPRO® , NEWSOY® ,NEWCON®, NEWGUM®, Phosphates, Seasonings and Flavors to most of the Asian countries including Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our success in distributing is achieved by faithful, serious, effective and intensive servicing to our customers. We always take the initiative to provide technical consultation including formulation, new product development, training course and updated technical seminar to our end user.

Last but not least, NEW ASIA is always taking responsibility upon the product quality as well as shipment service and promise to reward our end user’s support by offering continuous higher quality of products, reasonable & competitive prices, good customer service and efficient distribution.

QUALITY CONTROL – Double Checking System

To ensure we are supplying high quality and stable products to the end-users, NEW ASIA organizes a quality control team in the production line. The team is helping us to select our raw materials precisely, strictly and batch by batch. Furthermore, AVA Singapore checking system is applied to all our productions to ensure that our products meet the international quality standard.

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