NEW ASIA INGREDIENTS PTE LTD always gives our complimentary technical support and consultation to our product user. The services are listed as follow:

Please feel free to contact us or our local representatives for the requests.

Practical Training

Meats Practical Training:

Meat Technology, Application of Food Ingredients, Quality Control and Management of Meat Industry, Retorted Sausages Preparation, Asian Processed Meats Preparation, Western Processed Meats Preparation, Halal Processed Meats, Diagnosis of your meat factory, Formulation, etc.

Vegetarian Practical Training:
Vegetarian Food Technology, Application of Vegetarian Raw Material and Binder, Vegetarian Food Preparation, Quality Control and Management of Vegetarian Industry, Retorted Vegetarian Product Preparation, Formulation, etc.

Other Practical Training:
Trend of Meat Products, Trend of Vegetarian Products, Trend of Surimi and Seafood Products, Technology of Surimi-based Products, Food ingredients technology, Application of Soy Proteins, Application of Food Gums, Application of Food Phosphates, Application of Food Carrageenan, etc.

Technical Consultation
Our consultations cover all events of production, meat technology, quality control, product formulation, raw material, and food ingredients etc.

NEW Product or Concept Contribution
New projects are created periodically and are designed to help our product user to have new direction or competition power in his field.

Our reformulation covers the consideration of cost, quality, facility and production.

Unique Product Production
We protect fully or partially all unique product productions to make your business more exclusively.

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